Navigating the Nigerian Job Market: Insights from Chuks, a Job Search Expert

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HotJobsHere Representative: What are the key elements that make a CV stand out and grab the attention of recruiters?

Chuks: Clarity and Precision: These are two factors or elements that must not be ignored when creating or revamping a CV. A recruiter or hiring manager must be able to look at your CV in seconds and make up his or her mind if you’re who they want. Clarity of words construct. Precision of sequence.

  • Not Lengthy: A good CV should never be lengthy. It becomes boring to read a CV with 3/4 pages. You’re not the only applicant in queue, so nobody has that time to waste. Try as much as you can to always present your CV in 1/2 pages, depending on your work experience level. [Bonus point: what is an entry-level applicant doing with 2/3 pages].

HotJobsHere Representative: What are some effective ways to prepare for job interviews and showcase your skills and qualifications?

Chuks: Research: This is one of the foremost ways to win at an interview. Interview becomes a drag if the applicant shows up unprepared. Researching about the company and the advertised role will give you confidence on the day of the interview. Effective research will help you know the company’s culture, values, and vision.

  • Dress Accordingly: Dressing is part of the interview assessment. When research is effectively done, a job seeker will know what dress to put on for the interview. For instance, why are you wearing jeans and polo with a pair of sneakers for a human resource role in a financial industry. Dressing accordingly gives you a pass mark.
  • Effective Communication Skill: One of the shortcomings of applicants is their lack of communication skills. Not being able to effectively articulate your thoughts will hamper your interview chances. Practice effective communication skills today.
  • Practice Interview Questions: While you are waiting for that interview call up, you can start now by practising interview questions. Use a mate. Use voice recording to know how you sound. Stand before a mirror to maintain a confidence look. Practice interview questions like the behavioural, situational type aside the regular ones.

HotJobsHere Representative: Can you share some insights on how to effectively handle challenging interview questions and make a positive impression on the interviewer?

Chuks: Confidence is Key in Making Impressions During the Interview: The truth is, you may not be the best candidate for the job, but your confidence and outspoken nature can get you a win. Confidence is not a gift, so it can be learnt.

  • Learn to Smile: Interview is not a do or die affair, so why not just relax and enjoy the process. Always respond to every question with a smile. It’s a rule.
  • Know Your Onions: Interview is a test to know if you can do the job – Therefore, ensure that every item on your CV can be confidently defended. Don’t say you’re good at a Microsoft Office suite when the only thing you know how to do is to type. Microsoft is a full package – Excel, Power Point, Word, Outlook, etc. Do your due diligence. Practice using Excel package. You can learn from YouTube, enrol for a class. Ask a mentor to guide you.
  • Use the Smart Role: This will help you in effectively answering questions that are behavioural and situational in nature. Although, questions of these forms are for more experienced professionals. However, entry-level applicants shouldn’t leave anything to chance.

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