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We are an airline for the young, the young-at-heart and the value-seeking. People who remember that travel is all about spontaneous discovery, connections and fresh experiences. Simply put, people with Scootitude.Scoot HQ has rallied together a committed team of individuals with years of experience in different fields – while making sure we stick to our core values and fulfill our promises to you.

Scoot offers an impeccable delivery service with personality, a contemporary feel and the choice to only pay for what matters to you. We announced ourselves to the world publicly on November 1st 2011 and, since then, we have grown spectacularly thanks to our customers and fans.

Career at Scoot

Scoot is the low-cost, medium-to-long haul arm of the Singapore Airlines Group. Scoot took to the skies in June 2012 and merged with Tigerair Singapore in July 2017, retaining the Scoot brand and positioning it well for a new chapter of growth. Scoot wants employees with big smiles and even bigger personalities. Employees with passion – passion for travel, people and for pushing boundaries. This is an airline with a different attitude – Scootitude. If you think you have what it takes to handle the excitement and challenges ahead, apply today!

Why Should You Join at Scoot

We’re an airline for the young, the young-at-heart and the value seeking. People who remember that travel is all about discovering, connecting, experiencing, and enjoying. Simply put, people with Scootitude. “I like that I can wear whatever I like to work!” – Koo Jeng Shu, Ground “There is true camaraderie amongst the Flight Crew and Cabin Crew.” – Jason Tan, Flight Crew “It’s the empowerment which Scoot allows me to be myself and have fun at work while remaining customer-centric and professional” – Durga Rajaindern, Cabin Crew.

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