Gardener MVO

Gardener MVO
National Park Service
George Washington Carver National Monument

Open & closing dates
05/13/2019 to 05/19/2019


Pay scale & grade
WG 4

$14.74 to $17.16 per hour

Appointment type

Work schedule

1 vacancy in the following location:

Diamond, MO

The primary purpose of the position is to perform seasonal gardening tasks either done outside or in a greenhouse. In order to accomplish the gardener duties the incumbent must on a regular and recurring basis also operate light duty motor vehicles weighing up to 10,000 pounds to transport personnel, material or equipment to work sites located on the park.

Gardening/Grounds Work-performs seasonal gardening tasks such as fertilizing, preparing seedbeds, transplanting, laying sod, aerating, deadheading, staking, dividing plants, and watering. Prepares soil-mixing materials such as sand, humus, topsoil, and fertilizer in accordance with instructions. As instructed, prunes woody vegetation including shrubs, vines, and ornamental and fruit trees. Inspects for obvious plant diseases (molds, brown spots, rusts blight, and mildew), plant insects, and unusual or poor plant growth; reports conditions to supervisors. May apply chemicals to plants according to directions and under supervisory guidance and instruction. Mows, edges and waters lawns to maintain appearance. Lays sod, sows seed, places mulch to maintain or restore lawn appearances. Pulls and/or treats non-native plant species. Removes rocks, leaves, limbs, and trash from grounds and garden areas. Sweeps and rakes walks and parking areas; picks up litter/debris (including snow/ice removal). Performs other duties as assigned.

Motor Vehicle Operation-operates and performs minor operator maintenance on light duty motor vehicles such as pickup trucks, panel trucks, flatbed trucks, carryalls, sedans, crew cab pickup trucks, which typically have an approximate gross vehicle weight of up to 4500 kilograms (10,000 pounds). Vehicles are driven on the basis of either specific trip assignments or regularly established schedules and standard routes to transport self, supplies, materials, or equipment and tools throughout the park under limited traffic conditions at low speeds.

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